Destinations in Asia

Asia has become a popular destination for Western travelers, particularly backpackers who are discovering this incredible continent of countries.

With its long history and vibrant culture, Asia has lots of sights to see, which makes it the perfect place to plan your next vacation. From the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong and Singapore to the spiritual calm of Kyoto and Bangkok, it’s easy to see why so many people love this continent. Whether you’re looking to sightsee in China or Thailand, Asia has plenty of interesting landmarks that will captivate you and give you something new to talk about when you get back home. We are presenting the best sights and  in Asia that every traveler should see!

3 Fun Facts about Asia

  1. There are more than 150 volcanoes in Indonesia

  2. Ping pong is the most popular sport in China.

  3. There are over 2 300 languages that are recognized in Asia.