10 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Staycation More Comfortable

Did Omicron cancel your trip plans this December? Make the best out of it! Spending more days at home can be a relaxing and affordable way to spend your time. You use less gas, eat at fewer restaurants and bars, and spend less time traveling – a pastime that can add up if not planned well. You also get more quality time with the people you love most.

All this time and financial savings can work in your favor, giving you the wiggle room you need to create a relaxing and inviting home you can enjoy well beyond today, paying for itself many times over in physical goods and warm memories.

1) Get Cozy

You will undoubtedly have time to stretch out and relax, so you might as well make the experience 5-star. Order a plush blanket and fluffy pillows so you can read comfortably or binge-watch your favorite Netflix show for hours (or days) at a time. Add comfy pajamas to make it all complete.

These days are ideal for lounging, even if you need to fit in some work hours. Break out the laptop, prop up your feet, and work the way you always dreamed you could.

There are ample products out there to make your work easier.

2) Break Out the Recipes

We all want them: Beautifully designed cookbooks that stir the imagination and whet our appetites. Now is the time. Pull your cookbooks off the shelf and start marking your favorite pages to create culinary masterpieces you’ll be proud to post on Facebook and Instagram. If you are looking for new inspiration, this is a popular book to try.

This is also an ideal time to cook those tried and true family recipes you grew up with and crave. More time at home is perfect for enjoying good food and good conversations with the family. Those favorite recipes will bring up warm memories and stories the whole family will enjoy reliving. In many cases, making meals together is part of the fun, especially with the right tools.

Here and there, be sure to fit in time to support your favorite restaurants. They are integral to our economy. Pick up items to go or have them delivered using your favorite delivery app.

3) Games, Games, and More Games!

Remember the family games you played as a kid during the holidays and at parties? Those board games are as fun as ever. Break out all the games and let the family rummage through it with greedy abandon.

Even if it ends up being Monopoly and that one person ends up throwing the board in the air, board games are excellent bonding with those you love most for hours at a time. For travel fans like you, we highly recommend the Monopoly National Parks Edition featuring 22 of the most popular and visited scenic United States National parks!

4) Video Games

Is there a video game junkie in the family? Well, now’s the time to find out what the fuss is about. Create friendly competitions with dual player games or set your own goal to keep you occupied for days on end. A great way to while away the hours is to select a new game and invite the family to discover it with you.

5) Crafting

Are you a fan of arts and crafts? Whether it’s sewing, painting, creating holiday cards, or preparing decorations for the holidays, you can get all the tools you need to make fun crafts. You will enjoy getting in touch with your artistic side and will most likely attract others in the family for even more fun.

6) Upgrades

We all have an ongoing list of improvements we need to do on our homes. Whether it be fixing a squeaky door (WD-40), growing new plants (we love these wildflower seeds), or improving our sound system for movie night (stereo speakers), you can spend this time upgrading your home here and there to make it feel more like home. Every little bit counts.

7) Spring Cleaning

Though spring is obviously the most popular time to do it, this is a chore that brings equal benefits all year round.

Go through your home and put aside clothing, books, and old item you don’t use and drop it off at your local donation facility.

You will improve your home experience while benefiting your local community without spending a dime.

8) Get Organized

With extra time on your hands, you can finally roll up your sleeves and make your rooms function better. Label files and storage containers in your closet or refrigerator so you always know where items are. Sort papers and computer files so you work faster and easier.

9) Redesign Your Home Affordably!

Is it time to update your home? There are many ways to do it, and not all of them have to drain your bank account. These days you can buy nearly any furniture you need online at a wide range of price points. These items can be delivered directly to your door preassembled or unassembled, and in the case of the latter, you have a team of builders living with you in your home.

For maximum impact on your home for the least cost, consider painting rooms and updating your color scheme through pillows, drapes, and accessories.

10) The Magic of Words

We all have a book on our list we have been planning to read. Whether it be a big book like War and Peace or an entire book series like Harry Potter, you now have the time to dive in deep and discover what has made these books so popular.

If you prefer to tell your own tale, start a book or keep an in-depth journal to capture all your thoughts.

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