13 Tips for Making the Most of a Short Weekend Getaway 2022

You've been working hard all week and now it's time for a break. But before you take off on your weekend getaway, there are still some things to do - from packing the right clothes to making sure that you have enough food for the road. And don't forget about your responsibilities either! In this blog post, we'll share 13 tips on how to plan a short weekend vacation so that you can relax and enjoy yourself without any worries.

1. Plan Ahead

On the week before the big weekend trip, research the places you want to visit. You can ask those you're going with for suggestions. Learn the routes to avoid getting lost and taking longer to get to your destination. Remember, a weekend trip gives you 48-hours to enjoy yourself; therefore, you have to minimize time wastage. If you don't plan to drive, purchase direct flight tickets or bus tickets to your destination to save time.

Also, prepare a list of the things you want to do when you get to the destination. Think of as many exciting activities as you can. The list helps you to maximize your stay at the resort or ranch.

2. Consider The Distance

Since you are supposed to go back to work on Monday, you should not travel very far. If you're going to drive to your destination, make sure it doesn't take longer than four hours. The longer you stay on the road, the less time you'll have to explore the place.

The same goes for flights. Choose a destination that's at least an hour's flight away. Also, consider the return ticket. Book at a time most convenient for you to avoid disappointments.

3. Pack Fewer Things

The less load you have, the easier it will be for you to travel. A lighter load is easy to carry around in case you want to go hiking. A lighter load is less expensive if you're planning to fly to your destination. A lighter load can help you maximize fuel economy when driving.

Don't overthink as you pack. Some people worry about the weather and end up packing for all seasons. If you are worried it may rain, pack a single raincoat. Pack an extra pair of shoes just in case you need to change. Don't forget your charger, water bottle, toothbrush, and mouthwash. You can also pack two extra pairs of clothes and nothing more.

4. Mind Your Money

Weekend gateways are fun, but they can be dangerous if you're not careful. In all the excitement, you may be tempted to spend more than you had anticipated. To avoid getting caught up in the moment, prepare a travel budget. It should not go above your monthly expenditure.

A few weeks before the getaway, cut down on spending so that you can have more money for the trip without compromising on your finances. You can put a limit on your credit card for the weekend in case you doubt yourself. Apart from that, carry emergency cash in a different backpack in case you lose your credit cards.

5. Check Upcoming Events and Festivals

Most cities have events during the weekends that can either be good or bad for you. A major event or festival is good in that it allows you to experience something new for the first time. It gives you a taste of the city's people and culture.

On the other hand, festivals can be bad because of traffic jams. Assuming the city is popular, it's going to get visitors from different towns. That means the streets may be packed, and going back home may be a nightmare. You may arrive home late, and that may affect how you start the week.

6. Have a Plan

Before you go on your short weekend getaway, make sure to have an itinerary. This will help keep things organized and prevent last-minute surprises that can ruin the trip itself. It's also good for budgeting because then you know how much each activity costs and don't spend more than necessary!

7. Be Flexible

Although it's a good idea to have an itinerary, be prepared for the unexpected. It's always better to sleep on a problem and figure out what you'll do if something doesn't go as planned! This is where being realistic from Tip #6 makes things easier because otherwise you'd just fret all weekend instead of enjoying yourself.

8. Be Friendly To The Locals

The best person to tell you about a place is a resident of that area. Although you can find similar information on travel blogs and websites, it's better to get it from residents because they can also tell you about the risks involved.

It's also an exciting experience meeting new people and learning about their way of life. Ask them about local delicacies and where to get them. The locals can also help you save money – they can tell you the real price of items because businesses tend to overcharge tourists.

To conclude, a short weekend trip can help you relax and forget about a stressful week. However, before you go on that getaway, know what to expect and plan early. Use the above tips to make the most out of your short vacation.

9. Beware of unexpected events

Since you will be spending your weekend away from home, there are likely to be things that may not go as planned. For instance, if an event affects traffic or the weather is bad, it can ruin your plans for the day. A good plan B helps minimize friction with unforeseen circumstances so that you don't spend most of the weekend complaining.

10. Take Care Of Your Health

Most people ignore their health on a weekend getaway. They either forget to drink water or eat healthy food which affects their overall wellness by Monday morning. Before you go on the trip, make sure you are in good physical and mental condition. A good nights' sleep is also necessary for peak performance during the day's activities.

Most importantly, make sure you don't get too stressed out because that can affect your health even more. A weekend is supposed to be a break from stress and worries - not another source of it!

11. Don't Forget About Your Responsibilities

Although you are supposed to go on a break, it doesn't mean that all of your responsibilities cease. For instance, if you have bills due by the end of the month and an office project underway, don't neglect them just because they're not taking place this weekend. Most people pay for their carelessness with a bad Monday and a slew of problems.

Try to make your plans for the weekend as early as possible so that you don't have to rush things at the last minute or spend hours trying to figure out what do with yourself on Saturday night!

12. Be Realistic

Instead of trying to cram in as many activities into the weekend, consider what you really want to do. We all have different interests so it's better not to compare yourself with travel bloggers who are always on an adventure! It's only three days out of your life so pick things that will bring value and happiness without being too stressful.

Most importantly, don't compare your plans with others who are traveling on the same weekend as you! Just because they're spending their time in a different way doesn't mean you can either. Don't worry about what other people think and focus on yourself and the reasons why you decided to go on this trip.

13. Stay In Touch

Last but not least, don't forget to tell your friends and family where you're going. If something goes wrong or if there is an emergency at home, they'll know how to reach you immediately. You can even leave a message with the hotel reception so that in case of an emergency, they contact either you or someone who is important to you.

14. Take Pictures

Don't forget to take lots of photos because you can always remind yourself how much fun you had during your weekend getaway. It will also serve as a good reminder for when Monday morning is dragging on and on! You'll have proof that there are reasons why having a short break from work isn't such a bad idea after all.

15. Have Fun

Most importantly, make the most out of your time! Don't worry about how much money you're spending or what other people are doing. Just enjoy every moment and live in the present because that's all we have anyway. There will be plenty of weekends for work so don't spend too much energy worrying about things that don't matter.

Before you know it, the weekend will be over and Monday morning is just around the corner. Make sure you pack everything up on Sunday night so that first thing tomorrow morning, all you'll have to do is get ready for work!

BONUS: Best US Destinations for a Weekend Getaway

There are so many different US destinations that can be visited in just 48 hours. The best destination for you depends on the travel time from your home town as well as your interests. For instance, if you want to explore colonial architecture then Boston is perfect for you since it's filled with historic buildings and museums based on US history!


Alternatively, if hiking or biking trails are more your style, consider staying in Colorado which has plenty of national parks where both activities can be done. The Rocky Mountains also offer amazing views and a chance for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy nature and fresh air.

San Francisco

San Francisco is another great destination for a weekend getaway where you can visit the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and more. The city also has plenty of fun activities for guests such as street music and different food festivals.

New York City

For those who love their culture, New York City is one of the best places to visit because it's filled with art galleries, museums and other historic attractions that are based on US history! The Big Apple also offers tons of shopping opportunities at high-end department stores, boutiques and more where you can find items that are unique to the area.

New Orleans

New Orleans is another interesting destination due to its French architecture as well as delicious food such as jambalaya, gumbo, and crawfish! The city also has a mysterious vibe since it's filled with cemeteries that reflect on New Orleans' history.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C is also another great choice if you love learning about US history and visiting places based on historical events. The city has tons of museums, monuments, and memorials that are perfect for tourists searching to learn more about the nation's past! Travel back in time by exploring all the different attractions which include the White House, Lincoln Memorial, National Treasure Museum, and more.

St. Augustine, Florida

For those who are looking for something different, St. Augustine in Florida is home to many historical landmarks like Castillo de San Marcos National Monument that will take your breath away!

There are so many options when it comes to weekend getaways in the US that you'll never run out of opportunities! So pick your favorite destination, pack up your bags with everything you need, and go spend some quality time away from home.


The weekend is a great opportunity to leave the stresses of work behind and do something you wouldn't normally have time for. Whether that means spending quality time with family, catching up on rest, or exploring your surroundings, it's an investment in yourself. To help make sure this journey goes smoothly, try our tips before heading out!

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