25 Best Gifts For Women Who Love To Travel - Best Traveler Gifts 2022

Most people know that it is often difficult to find a gift for those who seem to already possess everything they need. Women who love to travel just may be one of the most challenging groups to shop for, as they usually prefer to spend their money on plane tickets and lodging - not necessarily items that make great travel gifts for women.

That's why we put together a gift guide with the best gifts for women who love to travel. From luxury gifts, fun and creative ideas to travel essentials, this travelers gift guide has it all. Indulge in these fantastic finds from Amazon, Etsy, and more!

What Are The Best Travel Gift Ideas?

There are many ways to find the best travel gift ideas for female travelers. You can speak with friends or colleagues about what kits, jewelry, souvenirs, or other items they enjoy seeing while abroad. Refer to their travels for future gifts by consulting looking at photos of recent trips.

Remember that your personal connection goes a long way in selecting any meaningful present so be sure you're giving one that you think they'll love rather than just something that looks good on paper.

Is your friend one of those frequent travelers who already has her next journey planned? Does she like to travel light? Is she a budget backpacker? Or an adventure traveler? Does she usually go on long plane rides?

Finding the best travel gifts isn't about thinking about what most travelers love - the best travel gift ideas are the ones that fit HER personality and travel style.

We are sure, you'll find the best travel gifts for the female traveler in your life in the following list.

1. Customized Map Artwork

A customized map is one of our favorite gift ideas as it's unique and something your friend will not buy themselves. What you'll need to do first is find out where she lives or has lived (if moving soon), as well as her favorite places to visit all over the world.

Use this information and create a custom map artwork with her favorite cities, states/regions, and countries highlighted with fun colors!

Depending on how much time and effort you want to put into this great gift project, you can either hire someone online that will create the map for you or if you're crafty yourself, create a gorgeous canvas map artwork on your own - designed specifically for your travel-loving friend.

You can even find some inspiration on or Etsy or Amazon, like this travel city map.

2. Travel Journal or Scrapbook

A Travel Journal or Scrapbook is one of the greatest gifts for women who love to travel as it allows them to document all their travels, making memories more real and vivid. Your friend will be able to add photos from her trips into the journal or scrapbook, along with fun water-resistant travel stickers and quotes that she finds on her adventures - it will likely become one of her favorite gifts.

You can choose between a hardcover journal or scrapbook with waterproof pages so she won't have to worry about spills while traveling! Every woman who likes to travel will love this meaningful present.

Amazon offers some highly rated travel scrapbooks.

Travel Scrapbook Gift for Women Who love to travel

3. A World Map Tapestry Bag

If you need a unique gift idea, consider making a custom world map tapestry bag! You can purchase or make your own vintage canvas bag, then personalize it with the favorite places of the traveler in your life.

Personalizing this present is really easy as all you need to do is print out her favorite destinations on waterproof sticker paper and place them on the desired location.

Bonus points if you can find some great quotes from famous travelers that could be added too! This will truly be one of the most meaningful gifts they receive this year.

It's great for everyday use, weekends away, carry-on bag, or even as a beach bag for her future trips. Best of all, since this is one of the most unique gifts out there, she'll likely feel really special receiving it (and maybe think of you every time she uses it).

World Map Tapestry Gift For Travelers

4. Luggage Tags For Travel Lovers

What better way to say "happy travels" than to give your female friend luggage tags for travel lovers? Whether they are leaving the country soon or not, everyone needs these for their next trip - well almost everyone... If they don't have them yet then just imagine how lost their luggage will get on its way to their destination!

These little tags can be attached to a suitcase or carry-on and they're mainly made of synthetic materials. They're usually brightly colored and if you place them on the outside of the suitcase so that it's easier to identify on the luggage belt.

Luggage Text Gift For Travelers

Some of them look funny and fun, while others are plain and elegant. There are many unique luggage tags for the avid traveler and you. No matter which one you pick - a luggage tag might be one of the most practical and affordable gifts for women who love traveling!

5. A Unique Travel Themed Stationery

If your friend is a stationery lover, then you can't go wrong with giving her some unique travel-themed stationery. Whether she writes letters, travel notes, or loves making packing lists, the world map notebook is one of the best gift ideas and she can easily pack it and use it on long flights.

Meaningful presents for your favorite traveler don't always have to be expensive!

Travel Notebook For Women Who love to travel

You'll also want to check out the cute airplane sticky notes and passport notepads so she can leave thoughtful messages anywhere.

6. A Portable Luggage Scale

No one wants to pay overweight fees at the airport. It’s even worse for females who like to travel by plane since they typically have a bigger travel wardrobe and like to buy more items than men. What makes this a unique female gift idea is that it's practical and cute.

In addition, every woman wants their luggage to look good as they carry it through the airport, and using a luggage scale can ruin that look.

A luggage scale might sound like one of those boring travel accessories, but we truly think it's a must-have for females who love to travel and belongs in all travel gift guides.

We love the Luxebell 110lbs Luggage Scale because it is small and handy, has a long battery life, and fits in a carry-on. The best gift ideas for travelers are often the ones that you usually don't find on a traveler's gift list.

Luggage scale traveler gift

7. Travel-Themed Nail Art

If you have a close friend who loves to travel and enjoys painting her nails, look no further than this unique gift for travelers! Travel-themed nail stickers might not be on most lists of best gifts for travelers yet, but it's definitely a unique gift idea.

She can paint her nails and then apply these stickers in the shapes of planes, palm trees, pacific islands, or other travel-themed shapes.

Decals are also available so she can tell you where she's been with just a few letters. If she's the type of person who loves to travel and cares about her nails, this is one of the best gifts out there!

Best Gift For Female Travelers

8. A Nail Polish Organizer with Zipper Pockets

If your friend loves painting her nails, a travel-sized nail polish organizer with different compartments and zippers is the perfect addition to buying her travel-themed nail stickers.

It's one of those things she always wants but never buys, and it will make applying her nail polish much more organized and give her easy access to all the colors she likes to use on her vacation.

The Luxja Nail Polish Case holds 10 bottles, has a thick-padded lining, an inner zipper pouch to hold stickers and other small manicure accessories, and is small enough to fit in her carry-on.

Travel Nail Polish Organizer Gift

The best travel gifts are the ones that surprise her. A nail salon to-go should undoubtfully be on every "fun travel gifts" list.

9. A Personalized Passport Cover

Personalized passport covers are one of the best gifts for women who love to travel because they're both stylish and practical. If your friend is the type of woman who loves classy items, this is one of those great gift ideas she probably never thought of buying but will appreciate it when she receives.

She can use her passport cover on all future trips to have a stylish accessory that protects her passport, boarding passes, and other travel documents.

The best part about this gift idea for female travelers is that you can personalize it so they'll love it even more. A passport holder is one of those travel accessories that doesn't have to be boring!

Check out this customizable passport cover on Amazon:

You can add a custom name or choose any image that you like. Maybe an image of her last trip, scenes from national parks, or a photo of her bucket list destinations?

10. A Scratch Off Map Poster

Scratch-off maps are cheesy but oh-so-fun gifts for travelers. They create an at-a-glance overview that reminds them just how many places they have been, which can also help her see where else she may want to go.

These are especially great for long-term travelers, who often have to supplement their memories with photos of their travels.

Scratch Off Mape Gift for travelers

The best part about it is that she can hang it on her wall or place it flat to show off the destinations she's visited. It's like a giant souvenir. These maps can also keep her motivated to travel more and earn flags for all the destinations she goes to in the future.

What a great travel gift idea for women who love to travel.

11. A Unique Water Bottle With An Inspirational Quote

A travel water bottle is a great gift for travelers because it's one of those things that most people don't buy themselves.

It's also easy to find the perfect one that fits her personality with all the designs and quotes available on the market! A unique water bottle is an especially good idea for female travelers, as they can match it with their style and personality.

Travel Water Bottle Gift For Travelers

If you can't find a style you like (which we doubt!), just buy a simple leak-proof water bottle and some water-resistant inspirational quote stickers and create your own travel water bottle.

12. A Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

Hanging travel toiletry bags are one of the best travel gifts because they're so practical and can look really cute too.

One of the most stressful things about packing for a trip is having to organize all the toiletries and beauty products.

Hanging toiletry bags are better than normal toiletry bags because they're easier to carry and they save space. When the bag is hung, it can also be seen what's inside. It provides a clear view of what's packed so it's easy to find items quickly.

Hanging toiletry bags are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit her specific needs. They're also very portable, easy to carry with handles or straps, and most importantly they're durable.

The BAGSMART Travel Toiletry Organizer is a fantastic toiletry travel bag because it has a smart design, a rotatable hook for hanging - and it looks super cute!

Travel Toiletry Bag Gift For Women

13. A Packing Cube Set

A packing cube set is one of the greatest gifts for women who love to travel because it'll save them so much time and frustration while packing up their belongings at the end of each journey.

Packing cubes work by keeping clothing neatly folded and organized so they never have to worry about wrinkled clothes again.

A suitcase full of mixed-up clothing with wrinkled clothes is the worst - that's why packing cubes are a favorite traveler essential.

A packing cube set can save her so much time because she can just grab one cube at a time to pack her clothes in advance, making packing and unpacking easy. This beats cramming everything into a suitcase - no wonder that they rank high on every list gifts for travelers list!

Packing Cube Set Gift For Women Who Like to Travel

Packing cubes are available in a variety of sizes and materials to fit any type of luggage - from carry-on to large suitcases.

14. A High-Quality Duffel Bag with Extra Pockets

Women who love to travel don't need any more challenges than necessary. The problem is most luggage such as backpacks or suitcases cannot fit everything.

Duffel bags offer a solution for this issue with extra pockets that allow us the ability to pack enough clothes and accessories for our trips so we can achieve maximum packing efficiency!

Perhaps best of all is how affordable they are compared to other types of luggage. Duffel bags are one of those practical travel gifts, that come in many colors and styles. Pick one that fits her style, so that her personality can shine through.

The Canway Travel Duffel Bag is our favorite because it is lightweight, comes in five different colors, and has eight (!) separate pockets including more than one external pocket that can fit a traditional camera or a laptop (make sure you use a laptop sleeve, though). One of them could even be used as a hidden laundry bag. No doubt every female traveler will love this bag.

Duffel Bag Gift For Travelers

15. A Luxury Eye Mask

The best gifts are personal and functional, and a luxurious eye mask addresses both of these qualities. For women who want to block out light on their travels, traditional eye masks can be uncomfortable or slip easily.

Luxury eye masks typically use silk in the piece that lays over the eyes, which helps prevent slipping. They may also include an adjustable strap that provides support even when sleeping on one's side (a familiar position when traveling).

The most luxurious masks are made out of mulberry silk, making them ideal for long-haul flights where comfort is key to enjoying the journey instead of just enduring it.

The Sleep Fountain Deluxe Eye Mask has some benefits that every woman loves: The specialized copper interior reduces puffiness, fine lines, sleeping lines, and wrinkles. Who doesn't love travel gifts that double as a beauty treatment?

Travel Eye Mask Gift For Women

16. World Travel Adapter Kit

An all-in-one universal international travel adapter and charger with USB ports is another excellent gift idea for women who like to travel. It's easy for her to forget about the different electrical requirements of other countries, but this will solve that problem quickly!

World Travel Adapter Kit by Ceptics

We love the handy World Travel Adapter Kit by Ceptics. This adapter is a perfect gift for a female world traveler because it is compact, lightweight, and includes two USA outlets and two USB ports with Quick Charge 3.0. It also includes a Micro USB cable for charging. The adapter is compatible with outlets in North America, the United Kingdom, most of Europe, Australia, Japan, parts of Africa, the Middle East, Asia, China. The adapter has built-in surge protection to protect your electronics from harmful voltage surges and spikes and includes voltage indicator LEDs to indicate 110V or 220V which is great for travelers who want to know what type of electricity they will be using when traveling abroad.

Travel Adapter Gift For Women

17. A Microfiber Travel Towel

The best gift for a female traveler is something that she'll use regularly and be happy to receive. A microfiber travel towel is great for female travelers because it's compact, can absorb about four times its weight in water, and takes up very little space.

A microfiber towel isn't just easier to pack than a thick cotton towel, but they're also more compact, so they won't take up too much room in your suitcase.

This particular brand is highly rated because it can absorb water 5 times of its own weight and, after only 2 hours in the sun, it will be completely dry!

Travel Towel Best Gift For Travelers

17. A Miniature Travel Sewing Kit

Even the most experienced traveler can run into some snags while on the road. A miniature travel sewing kit can be a lifesaver in these situations, as it provides all the essentials to fix small tears, wonky zippers, and other common wear and tear. This small and inexpensive travel gift can be a godsend for any woman who wants to avoid having to go out and buy new clothes while on vacation. So if you're looking for a practical and useful gift for the female traveler in your life, a miniature travel sewing kit is definitely a good option.

This travel sewing kit comes with everything she needs when she accidentally tears her favorite pair of jeans or when the button comes off her favorite blouse.

It comes with all the essentials to get the job done, like 10 colorful threads, scissors, a thimble, white and black buttons, needle threaders, seam rippers, sewing pins, safety pins, and different sized sewing needles.

So if you're looking for a useful gift that the female traveler in your life will love, be sure to check out a miniature travel sewing kit.

Combine it with this small LED Flashlight so she will always have enough light to see when she has to do some emergency sewing in a dark hotel room.

18. A Cozy Travel Blanket with Foot Pockets

A travel blanket with foot pockets is a great gift for female travelers because they're warm, convenient, and comfortable. A lot of time when traveling, you have to spend extended periods in airports or on airplanes. Planes can be cold, which is when the female travelers in your life will want to have this blanket with her so she can enjoy a restful sleep in a snug cocoon. She deserves to be more comfortable on long flights.

Check out this soft and breathable travel blanket with foot pockets! Foot pocket openings on each corner let users slip their feet inside to stay extra warm under the covers. This lightweight blanket (only 24 ounces) traveler comes with a soft case and doubles as a pillow, and it even has a hidden zipper pocket.

Travel Blanket With Foot Pockets

So if you're looking for the best travel blanket as a gift for a female traveler, this is the perfect blanket for you.

19. Mini Travel Jewelry Organizer With A Mirror

A mini jewelry organizer is another great gift idea for women who love to travel. It'll make it much easier for them to find their jewelry when they're rushing to get ready in the morning because everything will have its place, including bracelets and earrings.

This handy little travel jewelry case is made from high-quality textured velvet material and comes with a secret earring compartment, as well as a built-in compact mirror. The gold-colored side zipper gives it a classic and stylish look, while the 7 slot rolls, 3 rectangular divisions, and earring compartment make it perfect for holding necklaces, bracelets, rings, and more.

Plus, the lightweight and compact design means she can take it with her wherever she goes. Best of all, every purchase of this travel jewelry organizer helps support Water Mission, an organization that builds sustainable clean water supply systems around the world.

Travel Jewelry Case Gift For Women

20. A Set of Reusable Tote Bags

A set of reusable tote bags is a great gift for women who love to travel. These bags collapse down into small pouches, so they're perfect for bringing along on day trips where they might need to pack light and not check a bag.

They come in several colors and patterns, which means she can pick one that matches her personal style or choose a neutral shade; the choice is hers! If she needs more storage space for groceries or souvenirs, these will certainly do the trick because they hold up well and stand upright without tipping over.

Travel Tote Bag Gift For Women

Women who like traveling often find themselves doing some unplanned shopping while they're out exploring different places; these totes are ideal when that happens because she can carry all of her purchases in these bags and they're not going to rip.

23. A Self-Heating Hot Water Bottle With A Fleece Cover

If you're looking for the perfect gift, a self-heating hot water bottle with a fleece cover is exactly what you need. When women get cold, there's nothing like hot water bottles to warm them up quickly.

This one has a cover that's made of fleece on one side and cotton on the other, so she'll feel extra comfortable when she uses it. If she does yoga or some other type of exercise that requires her to be wrapped i