7 Best Travel Bags For Women - What Makes A Great Travel Bag?

While many of us prioritize hotel booking, flight, travel budget, and itinerary, there's always something that usually comes last to mind - travel bags. Although its purpose is relatively simple - hold clothes and other personal valuables -, most seasoned travelers agree that bringing the wrong travel bag can ruin the entire journey, locally or internationally.

Which Travel Bag is Best?

Choosing a travel bag is not as simple as it sounds. When you travel, there are so many things to consider: clothes, travel documents, travel accessories... And now this. If you travel a lot, the travel bag should be at the top of your shopping list. It can determine how much time and effort you have to put into packing.

First, you need to ask yourself what kind of travel bags suit your travel needs. How often do you travel? Where are you going to travel to? There are travel bags for different travel occasions.

Do you need a travel bag for occasional travel? Do you need a travel bag for business travel? Are you looking for the perfect bag for your solo trip? Ask yourself these questions before you start shopping :D

So, whether you are visiting relatives for the weekend or heading to Hawaii for a three days vacation, here are the best travel bags for women.

Here are our top 7 recommendations for travel bags. We included versatile options that you can even use every day, so your new bag doesn't collect dust after your trip!

1. Vera Bradley Women's Travel Duffel Bag

Starting off our list is the crowd favorite, the Vera Bradley Women's Travel Duffel Bag. It is a no-fuss travel bag that allows you to start packing your clothes right out of the box or once you've confirmed your flight or hotel reservations.

But, this Vera Bradley really stands out in terms of space.

It has enough room to hold 3 to 4 days' worth of clothing. And if you've ever forgotten your toiletry bag before, you'll be happy to know that you can tuck a toothbrush, toothpaste, and other small toiletries inside the bag's three elastic mesh pockets.

Vera Bradley also added extra pockets outside for quick and convenient access to your passport, keys, and other travel essentials.

Now on the downsides. This Vera Bradley is not the best choice if you are caught out in the rain. The bag is made from quilted cotton without a protective waterproof barrier. Another issue you might find annoying is it doesn't have solid bottom support.

Also, the quilted design can be an acquired taste but luckily it comes not only in six different solid colors but also in over a dozen different designs including attractive floral patterns.

If you are ready to look past this bag's shortcomings (albeit just a few), getting the Vera Bradley is the best weekender bag for you.

2. Vooray Alana Duffel

This Vooray Alana Duffel is the complete opposite of the Vera Bradley. It doesn't have a large and roomy interior nor a quilted pattern design, and for some travelers, that is what they need - minimalist, modern, and with just enough space for the essentials.

But, don't get us wrong. This Vooray Alana bag is still the best overnight bag for traveling. It stands upright, holds its shape, and has a water-resistant base material.

It even has a luggage sleeve, which is particularly handy when moving to a gate at the farthest section of the airport. It is so versatile that it doubles as a work tote or a gym bag.

The total capacity of this travel bag for women is only 25 liters. But, you do get a total of eight extra pockets - five in the interior and three outside. And, if you are bringing a 15" laptop during your trip, its laptop compartment sleeve will keep it in place and safe inside the bag.

3. Herschel Novel Duffel Bag

The best travel bag review wouldn't be complete without including Herschel.

While consumers normally associate the brand with their extremely popular "Little America" backpack collection, they also have a larger travel bag called the Novel.

The Novel sports the familiar and easily identifiable Herschel branding - minimalist yet sleek. Aside from looks, the Novel duffel bag is the best women's travel bag, particularly for its one clever feature - a side-access shoe compartment.

This super handy feature saves you from putting your shoes in a drawstring or plastic bag and separates your dirty shoes from clean clothes.

But do know that this feature is a double-edged sword. When shoes are tucked upright, the barrier will slightly lift upwards, consuming space dedicated for clothes.

If you lay the shoes flat, the bag will slightly bulge. For some travelers, this is a deal-breaker.

Our take? Use the shoe compartment for low-ankle sneakers and flip-flops only.

4. Tag & Crew Weekender Signature Duffle Bag

If you prefer to carry a travel bag that doesn't look like a work tote, you can consider picking up the Tag&Crew Weekender Signature Duffle Bag.

Many consider the Tag&Crew bag the best women's travel bag for two reasons: it is made from thick, quality cotton canvas material and spacious main compartment. Not to mention, it has superior detailing, including antique brass hardware and leather handles.

But, as with other cotton weekend duffle bags (like the Vera Bradley), water will be your number one enemy here. And, sadly, it doesn't hold up its duffle bag shape like the Vooray Alana. And, if you are bringing gadgets, make sure to put them inside a heavily padded sleeve because the bag will not protect it from bumps.

5. DELSEY Paris Rolling Under Seat Tote Bag

DELSEY is another favorite for seasoned travelers because of its high-quality construction and wide selection of travel bags.

One of their most popular and highly rated products is the Paris Rolling Under Seat Tote Bag. And yes, it fits underneath an airplane seat, so you don't have to fight your way through to get your bag from the cabin compartment.

Moreover, this bag is the best alternative if you prefer to save your back or shoulders from lugging around a heavy tote duffel bag in the airport. It is fitted with two in-line skate wheels - although we wished it was spinners.

Since this travel bag for women is more petite than carry-on luggage, you will need to bring an extra bag with you.

6. BAGSMART Travel Sport Duffle Bag

If the small capacity of the DELSEY is too limiting and you would rather have a small duffle bag instead, the BAGSMART Travel Sport Duffle Bag is right up in your alley.

Like the Vooray Alana, the BAGSMART also works as a gym bag and even has a dedicated yoga mat buckle.

It is made from a blend of soft cotton and nylon fabric, making it more resistant to dirt and grime, unlike 100% cotton bags. However, it's still not waterproof.

If you are okay with the lack of water resistance, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how much it can hold. Like Vera Bradley, you can put two to four days' worth of clothing. You will also have extra nine compartments for toiletries and other smaller travel essential items.

7. MyMealivos Canvas Weekender Bag

We're ending our list with another canvas bag - the MyMealivos Weekender Bag, which looks like a fusion of Tag&Crew and Herschel's designs. What do we mean?

The MyMealivos sports a canvas exterior mixed with faux leather detailing and a shoe compartment. This unique and harmonious blend of style and function is the sole reason why many women pick up this weekender bag. Plus, it has more appealing color options and patterns to choose from.

Aside from that, you're not giving up space for looks. You can pack three pairs of jeans, five tank tops, two pairs of shoes, and more. It is undoubtedly the best weekender bag if you are after value for money!

What is the best way to pack a bag for travel?

Travelers interested in travel tips are often asking themselves, "How should I pack my travel bag?" Packing a travel bag can be tricky because you want to fit as much as possible into your luggage while ensuring that you leave room for souvenirs and other last-minute purchases. Luckily, we have compiled a list of packing tips and tricks to help you travel as light as possible and maximize your travel space:

  • Packing cubes: These small reusable packing cubes are ideal for travel because they keep everything in its place. You can fit more clothes into your travel bag if you roll them up, instead of folding them. They also make it easy to find specific clothing items without having to disturb the rest of your travel wardrobe.

  • Roll your clothes: Rolling your clothes instead of folding them is an easy way to save travel space while keeping everything neat and organized. This tip works best for clothing like long-sleeve shirts, jeans, sweaters, and dresses (which are more likely to wrinkle). If this travel tip seems too obvious to you, then you are either a seasoned travel pro or read the title of this article!

  • Double duty: Not all travel items need to be used just for travel. For example, bringing a travel pillow and eye mask on long flights will clear up room in your travel bag by allowing you to use your travel clothing for travel purposes. You can also use electronics like cameras and laptops to take some travel photos or write travel blog entries.

  • Pack shoes last: Packing your shoes last is key because the interior of your travel bag will be easy to access while you are closing up your luggage at the end of the day/week. If you need a travel tip to convince your travel partner, tell them that this travel tip will help you maximize space in your travel bag for souvenirs.

Choosing the Perfect Travel Bag

To find the best travel bag for women who like to pack light (or even not at all), you should consider these factors before making a purchase.

The size of the bag is one factor; does it fit what you need? What about color, shape, and style preferences? These are just some things to think about when considering which type of backpack or suitcase will be right for your needs. There are many options out there so take time to research brands that have bags in stock that suit your specific requirements!

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