7 Tips For Traveling Alone Safely

One of the most common concern when travelling alone is safety and security.

But when you think about it, security is an important concern for any traveler. Some basic precautions will reduce your risks and these tips will make it easier for you to head out alone.

1. Blend in.

Looking like a tourist may leave you vulnerable. Walk with confidence and step inside a hotel to check your map.

2. Be alert

Observe what’s going on around you. Ask your hotel to advise you about where it’s safe to walk. If you’re near an unsafe area, avoid unnecessary risks by taking a cab to your destination.

3. Watch your money

You may want to wear a shoulder bag strapped across your body or under a coat. Consider using a money belt or clip. Solo travelers are often the perfect target for pickpockets.

4. Assess your fluency

Language skills also matter. Ask yourself if you can communicate clearly in case of a medical emergency.

5. Gather your documents.

Put a copy of your identification and health insurance in your pocket. Leave a second copy with loved ones at home.

6. Check in at home

Speaking of home, give your full itinerary to at least one person. Call or text them every few days to let them know you’re okay. There have been way too many instances of travelers disappearing on a trip and nobody realizes it for quite some time.

7. Pack light. Leave your valuables at home.

Traveling with minimal baggage increases your comfort and your ability to move quickly.


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