Best Destinations in Greece in 2022

Greece is one of the most incredible tourist destinations in the world.

It has many splendid attractions, from ancient ruins that will take you back to the beginnings of civilizations and white sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise waters to rugged snow-capped mountains. Visiting this country will surely satisfy all of your traveling desires.

Here's the ultimate compilation of some of the best destinations in Greece in 2022 that are a must-visit.

1. Nafplio

  Nafplio, Greece
Nafplio, Greece/ Image by Despina Galani

The seaside metropolis of Nafplio has been associated with pomp and luxury for centuries. It once served as the nation's capital and has been graced by almost all notable names in Greek history like the Byzantines, Ottomans, and Venetians. Different cultures have shaped it through the centuries, and its hillsides are dotted with forts and citadels. Today, Nafplio is a favorite for the country's elite, thanks to its enticing charm.

If you choose to vacation here, you can expect to interact with welcoming and friendly locals. The town also boasts of having some fantastic restaurants and beaches for you to enjoy and explore. Additionally, you can indulge in some of the best seafood while watching a harbor full of some fabulous million-dollar yachts. The town has fantastic architecture with narrow spaces and is one of the best places to vacation, whether alone, as a couple, or with your family. You can get a decent hotel room in this beachside town starting at $50 per night.

2. Santorini

Santorini Greece
Santorini Greece/ Image by Heidi Kaden

Santorini is one of the most recognized vacation destinations in Greece, and it's for a good reason. The island is a jewel of the country, and thousands of people for across the world vacation year every year and profess that there are few other places worldwide that can match it up.

Santorini is the most spectacular Greek island with picturesque beaches, turquoise waters, fine dining restaurants, and beautiful beaches. The houses in the town have characteristic white walls that add flair to the hillsides. You can also expect some of the most scenic sunsets here. Hotels rooms in this world-renowned vacation town start at $34 per night.

3. Knossos

The ruins of the Palace of Knossos
The ruins of the Palace of Knossos/ Image by Egor Myznik

The Greeks have a fascinating history going back centuries, and they played a critical role in introducing civilization to the world. If you are looking to know more about the history of Greece, then the Minoan ruins of Knossos are a must-visit for you. The site sits a couple of kilometers outside the Cretan capital Heraklion. The ruins are a relic of the bronze age in the region dominated by the Minoan civilization roughly 5000 years ago. The site is regarded as the best-preserved ruins of the Bronze age, and it's an incredible sight to see. A visit here will offer you a glimpse of how people in the region used to live back then. The site has a prominent hall of kings, famous for the legend of the Minotaur and Labyrinth, and is also full of fine pottery and beautiful mosaics. You can get to stay in a decent hotel at Heraklion for $53 and up a night.

4. Athens

Acropolis of Athens
Acropolis of Athens Image by Constantinos Kollias

Athens is the Capital of Greece and has is one of the oldest capitals in the world. The city is also credited for being the birthplace of democracy and the founder of Western civilization. Moreover, the city invented the Olympics, and it hosted the first edition of the games. Its streets overflow with Greek culture, and if you want some authentic tasting food, you can expect to be spoilt for choice as you walk around experiencing the city.

While in Athens, take time to visit some of its wondrous sites like the Acropolis of Athens, a place containing the ruins of a couple of ancient buildings, which will give you a peek into the city's early decades. Additionally, there is the Parthenon, the remains of the temple of the goddess Athena constructed starting from 447 BC, whom Athenians of those days honored as their patroness. Also, check out the Temple of Zeus and the Plaka district, a splendidly beautiful city suburb. You can spend a night in a good hotel in this city for as low as $30.

5. Zakynthos

Zakynthos, Greece
Zakynthos, Greece Image by Julian Timmerman

Are you a fan of partying and nightlife? Then, you should ensure that your vacation in Greece includes spending some time in Zakynthos island, which many say is one of the most breathtaking vacation destinations in the Mediterranean. Here there are expansive sandy beaches touching turquoise waters and dotted with chalk-white cliffs. Among the most fascinating spots on the island is Shipwreck Cove, also named Navigio Beach.

The island's center is also a great place to be as it's less visited than the coastline, and you will get to experience the splendor of olive groves and fir trees. Moreover, if you like to enjoy the nightlife, you will be fascinated spending some time in its clubs. You can get to experience all of this fun while spending as little as $32 per night on a hotel room.

6. Rhodes

Rhodes, Greece
Rhodes, Greece Image by Christine Sandu

The island of Rhodes is a great tourist destination in Greece and sits close to the Southwestern coast of Turkey. This island is favorable for all kinds of tourists, from the rich and famous from all over the world to backpackers. It has some of the most coveted swimming spots among all the islands of Greece.

Moreover, Rhodes is dotted with a mix of quaint towns, each with something different to offer, ancient history, and great restaurants that serve some of the country's and the world's most sumptuous cuisines.

Rhodes was also home to one of the ancient wonders of the world, the Colossus of Rhodes. Though the statue was destroyed centuries ago, you can still visit the site and get to imagine the awe that filled anyone who came across it during its heyday. Admirable hotel rooms on the island start at $24 a night.

7. Meteora

Monastery on the Rocks Meteora,Greece
Monastery on the Rocks Meteora,Greece Image by Dorothea Oldani

While the beaches and islands of Greece are excellent, that's not the full measure of what the country has to offer. A fantastic attraction on the mainland is the Meteora, situated in the heart of Northern Greece. Meteora boasts of being the home of one of the most outstanding Orthodox churches in the world. The Meteora Monasteries, which sits at the top of massive rock formations, is also one of the few UNESCO world heritage sites granted a double status. One of the recognitions is for the monasteries' art, and the other is for the breathtaking nature. The rock formations are famously referred to as the fingers of stones. The monasteries at the top of the rock formations were built in the 14th and the 16th century and have survived the taste of time to make the jaws of anyone who sees them drop. This is not just an engineering marvel but a feat that has rarely been attempted anywhere else. Good hotel rooms in Meteora cost $41 a night.

8. Delphi

An overview of Delphi from Above
An overview of Delphi from Above Image by @dichatz

Delphi is another jaw-dropping destination to visit in the country if you would like to get a deeper understanding of ancient Greek culture and mythology. The site is situated on the slopes of Mt. Parnassus and was a religious center for ancient Greeks where people, including the nobles and kings, came to seek the wisdom of the Oracle. It was dedicated to Apollo and the priestesses of Apollo, and there is also a Temple of Apollo. Besides this, there is also an ancient theatre, Athena Priene, and a stadium.

Take your time to stroll around the ruins and get to experience the grandeur that the site had, with even kings kneeling before the Temple of Apollo. This would also be an excellent time to learn about the various Greek gods and goddesses and the myths related to their existence. A fine hotel room will cost you a little as $36 a night in Delphi.

9. Mycenae

Mycenae,Greece Image
Mycenae, Greece Image by Victor Malyushev

Now that you have gained some knowledge of the Greek myths and legends, it's time to visit Mycenae. Here you will find the ruins of the ancient city of Mycenae, which existed roughly 3500 years ago; this was a time before Greece. At the time, Mycenae was the most powerful city in the region. Legend states that the city's walls were so high that later generations credited its creation to the Cyclops.

The ancient city of Mycenae is heavily featured in several Greek tales like the ones of the fall of Troy, and the famed mighty King Agamemnon ruled it. Very few visitors come here, but you can be sure that you won't be disappointed by your trip here. The ruins have preserved a lot of marvelous tales and sights from the days before the existence of Greece. You will be amazed by the ingenuity of the city's inhabitants and how they managed to build such outstanding creations with so little machinery. Good hotel rooms around the region go for can cost as low as $41 per night.

Honorable mentions: Greece has many fascinating destinations, and once you are done with what is on this list, there is a lot more for you to explore. The other destinations in the country that you should consider are the tiny island of Chios, the Haldikiki Penisula, Skiathos, Skyros, and the island of Corfu.

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