5 Best Travel Strollers in 2022

If you have just started your parenthood journey, you might think your standard pram or buggy is enough for all occasions. While that's correct for most events, you will feel the trouble of a bulky stroller when you try to fit it inside your travel bag and car boot or stow it on a plane.

You can avoid all these hassles simply by opting for the best travel strollers for your juniors. Apart from having lightweight and compact size, a good quality travel stroller is car seat compatible, easy to fold, features a padded seat, adjustable leg rest, and many other handy attributes.

To assist you in finding the perfect match for your child, here we will talk about some top-tier travel strollers, how to choose a stroller, and much more! Let's dive right in.

Best Travel Strollers 2022

5 Best Travel Strollers - Expert Reviews

There are hundreds of brands manufacturing compact strollers with many practical features. We searched the marketplace thoroughly and picked the 5 most comfortable and reliable strollers for you. Have a look at our best picks and choose the one that meets all your needs.

1. Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

If you want a combination of style and functionality, Summer Infant is the perfect brand for you. This pick of ours is one of the most compact travel strollers with tons of useful features, just like the high-end expensive ones.

For maximum safety, the frame is made from durable aluminum that carries up to 50 pounds of weight. These umbrella strollers weigh 13 pounds only and offer a compact fold that easily fits in the overhead compartment of most airplanes.

Also, the baby jogger features a five-point safety harness to keep your baby completely safe on bumpy roads.

Summer Infant 3DLit Travel Stroller

To suit the needs of newborns, the strollers have 4-position reclining seats that recline entirely flat for comfortable naps. You can easily steer the anti-shock front wheels of these double table strollers. Also, the rear wheels are lockable for added convenience.

With this compact stroller, you don't need to worry about the weather as the pop-up sun visor protects your child from harmful UV rays. Summer Infant is popular mostly because of the amazing features of their strollers. This model has an extra-large storage basket for keeping the diaper bag, toys, clothes, etc.

Also, the conveniently placed cup holder can carry small water bottles. You can keep your phone or purse inside the rear storage pocket.


  • Sturdy aluminum frame weighs only 13 pounds and carries up to 50 pounds

  • Ultra-compact fold with shoulder strap for easy storage and hauls

  • A reclining seat with 4 recline positions suits both infants and toddlers

  • The storage basket, rear pocket, and cup holder carry all necessary items


  • Cup holder isn't suitable for large bottles

Summer infant has provided some fantastic features of high-quality double strollers in this compact and affordable carrier. You can opt for this one for ease of use, maximum comfort, and safety.

2. Gb Pockit Air All Terrain Ultra Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller

Want an ultra-compact lightweight stroller that folds into the smallest possible size? Then meet the Pockit Air All Terrain Stroller by Gb.

Without any doubt, the most striking aspect of this stroller is its lightest frame. The stroller weighs only 10.3 pounds which makes it the ideal stroller for travel. You can fold it into a handbag size within moments just by following just 3 simple steps. This way, it easily fits into an overhead bin and car boots.

Instead of a carry strap, Gb strollers come with a nice shoulder bag so that you can keep them folded inside. They have a strong aluminum construction and breathable mesh fabric seat for better support and the highest comfort. To protect your child from sun rays, the strollers feature a sun canopy with UPF50+ protection.

For comfortable maneuvering, the front wheels of these umbrella strollers can be unlocked for swiveling sideways. The seat is placed at a good height so that you don't have to hurt your back for reaching your little one.


  • Weighs only 10.3 pounds and can be folded in a handbag size

  • Strong aluminum frame carries up to 48 pounds and shows off durability

  • Breathable mesh fabric seat keeps your child cool and comfortable

  • Features big, strong front wheels that can be swiveled for easy maneuvering


  • The storage basket is small

With its minimum weight and easy-to-use features, this Gb stroller is probably the most compact stroller you have encountered. If you're a frequent traveler, go for this one for the highest convenience.

3. Kolcraft - Cloud Plus Lightweight Easy Fold Compact Travel Baby Stroller

For everyday strolls and hassle-free traveling, you need a tough, durable, lightweight, and compact stroller. So this time, we picked the long-lasting and most affordable toddler stroller from Kolcraft.

You can fold and store the stroller with the least effort, thanks to the one-handed fold. Also, the multi-position recline seat can be adjusted at different angles to make your child comfortable. Under the seat, there's a large storage basket to hold all your necessary items.

As the umbrella stroller weighs only 11.8 pounds, it's perfect for daily strolls and to fit in the overhead bin. The 5-point safety harness and the suspension wheels offer a smooth ride in stony areas. For weather protection, the travel stroller has a 3-tier expanded canopy that protects your infant from the sun's rays.

Kolcradt Cloud Plus Best Travel Stroller

The lightweight stroller features removable trays for both children and parents. The trays have two cup holders and some extra room for holding water bottles, juice, and food. Since the seats are made of polyester, your baby will remain cool even on the hottest days.


  • You can fold with only one hand and fit in the overhead airplane compartments

  • The seat reclines at many comfortable positions to meet the toddler's needs

  • Ensure smooth rides with the suspension wheels and safety harness

  • Features an extended canopy for weather protection

  • Storage bag and cup holders are there for your convenience


  • Not compatible with infant car seats

The Kolcraft lightweight stroller has all the features to be your go-to stroller for everyday rides. Although the stroller will perfectly carry and protect your toddler, you can't set up a travel system with a car seat adapter for your newborn.

4. Cybex Libelle Stroller UltraLightweight Stroller

Do you need the best looking yet easily portable, high-quality, lightweight strollers? We have the perfect match for you. The UltraLightweight Stroller by Cybex Libelle is stylish, compact, and extremely versatile.

As the travel strollers fold into a backpack size package, they easily fit inside the overhead bin of buses, trains, and airplanes. Also, the aluminum frame is robust and lean, weighing only 13.7 pounds so that you can carry them anywhere you want. This umbrella stroller is suitable for 6-month or older infants.

Cybex Libelle Travel Stroller

Unlike many other strollers, Cybex strollers include car seat adapters so that you can set a travel system using the Cybex infant car seat. The compact travel stroller has a large padded seat that you can recline in suitable positions for walking and napping. Also, it has a padded leg rest to keep your baby comfortable.

With a UPF50+ rating, the extra-long canopy provides UV ray protection. The package also includes a travel bag and rain cover to make your journey completely trouble-free. You can buy the lightweight travel strollers in 7 beautiful colors, including beige, magnolia, blue, and grey.


  • Car seat compatibility and front-wheel suspension for safe and smooth rides

  • Features reclinable seat and leg rest for walking, running and sleeping

  • Lightweight and can be folded into backpack size within seconds

  • Available in 7 stylish colors and ships with a storage bag and rain cover


  • A bit expensive

You can opt for the Cybex stroller for its sturdy structure, durability, style, and many useful features. It's a perfect choice if your child is older than 6 months.

5. Gb QBit+ All-City Stroller

Love the travel strollers of Gb? Here's another one for you. The QBit+ All-City Stroller by Gb is easy to lift, maneuver, and transport.

Thanks to the four-wheel suspension, you can maneuver the stroller on smooth grasses as well as uneven roads and bumpy cobblestones. The frame is made from heavy-duty aluminum to serve your child from infant to toddlers stages. Also, the travel stroller comes in infant car seat-ready condition.

The most notable feature of the stroller is the extra-large canopy. As the sun canopy is rated UPF50+, it saves your child from the brightest rays.

Gb QBit Travel Stroller

Also, the seatback and footrest are made from breathable polyester material to regulate body heat evenly and keep your child relaxed. You can always keep your child checked through the peek-a-boo gap.

For tall parents, a single handle is placed in a conveniently high position. Also, the handle is padded to ensure a comfortable and strong grip. You can easily fold the travel stroller into a free-standing backpack shape using just one hand. Below the seat, there's a large storage basket for carrying your baby's necessities.


  • All-wheel suspension and extended sun canopy ensure a smooth ride

  • Polyester-made seatback and footrest provide extra comfort

  • Folds quickly and takes a shape of a bag to fit any overhead bin

  • A long, padded handle ensures you better grip

  • You can use the storage basket to carry your essentials


  • Doesn't include a shoulder strap

With its suspension wheels and sturdy construction, this Gb stroller is one of the best umbrella strollers. Buy the stroller to ensure a safe journey for your little one.

What to Look for Before Buying a Travel Stroller?

Purchasing the best lightweight stroller isn't as easy as you might think. If you don't know what to look for, you will end up buying a low-quality stroller that doesn't even suit your baby's requirements. So here are a few things you should consider while buying travel strollers.

Size and Weight

Always check the size and weight limits of a pushchair as you need it from your child's infant stage to toddling phase. And trust me, your child will grow faster than you think. So, evaluate the measurements keeping future uses in mind.

Also, check the size and weight of the travel stroller as the lighter strollers are easier to handle. Typically, lightweight travel strollers don't weigh more than 14 pounds. So check the measurements before making a purchase.

Ease of Use

Well, you purchase the travel strollers to make your traveling period hassle-free. If the buggy is difficult to use, there's no point in spending your hard-earned money on it. Check out the folding mechanism first.

If it requires only a few steps for folding into a small size, go for the stroller. Also, look for carrying straps or storage bags as they can be really valuable for storage issues. It's better to pick travel strollers with four-wheel suspension. This will help you to maneuver conveniently.


For maximum durability, the material should be strong and lightweight. Go for aluminum-made pushchairs for ensured functionality and longevity. There are also some plastic-made strollers on the marketplace.

Although plastic is a durable material, we don't recommend it as the material can't carry much weight. As for the seat and footrest, pick a breathable fabric to keep your child comfortable.


Travel strollers usually come with many useful features. However, to make them light, many brands ditch some of the features keeping the most important and practical ones. The sun canopy is one of the most crucial features a stroller should have.

Also, check out if the buggy has a storage basket under the seat. It allows you to keep the toys, diapers, food, and many other useful things you'll need while traveling. If the stroller has cup holders, that's even better for carrying water bottles.

For newborn babies, buy a stroller that accommodates car seats or reclines completely flat. Some travel strollers ship with rain covers, carrying bags, bumper bars, etc. So look out for these accessories too.

Frequently Asked Questions about Travel Strollers

1. Can you use a travel stroller for everyday use?

If you purchase a strong aluminum-made travel stroller, you can surely use it for everyday strolls. Most travel strollers have all the necessary features your child needs.

2. What kind of strollers are allowed on airplanes?

A stroller for travel should be 36-inch in length and a maximum of 10-inch in diameter. This is the required measurement for a folded travel stroller.

3. What stroller folds the smallest?

The Gb Pockit stroller is the smallest and lightest stroller. It measures only 12 inches in length.

4. Can the baby sleep in the Pockit stroller?

Most upgraded versions of Pockit strollers usually recline completely flat to allow infants a comfortable nap. However, you should go through the specifications for confirmation.

5. Does the stroller count as a carry-on?

As travel strollers are regarded as assistive devices, they aren't considered carry-on baggage in most airlines.

Final Words

So there you have the best travel strollers of the marketplace. All the brands on our list are trusted and popular for their quality products. If you want all-around performance, opt for Summer Infant or Gb strollers.

Likewise, Kolcraft will be a pretty good budget pick. Purchase your travel stroller right away and enjoy trouble-free holidays.

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