Dolphins return to the Venice Canals

Let's focus on the flip side of the current development: A lot of good things are happening for planet Earth. The water in the Venice canals in Italy cleared up and people have spotted dolphins in the port.

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We love GOOD news about the coronavirus development and will do our best to spread positive vibes in this time of uncertainty.

Dolphins in Venice? - Update 2021

As you have probably heard the news about the dolphins returning to Venice in 2020 were fake. Yes, we fell for it too. The sources we mentioned seemed trustworthy and hey, who wasn't desperate to publish good news during the pandemic?

Several sources reported that the photos had been shot on the island of Sardinia near the port in Cagliari.

However, in march 2021 there was an an actual sighting of two striped dolphins (mother and juvenile) that got disoriented and ended up in Venice's Grand Canal (Giudecca Canal).

"We sighted them three times and then lost them completely. They hadn't gone back towards the Grand Canal, so hopefully they took the right direction,” said Pietroluongo to CNN. "Hopefully they're free in their environment, now.”

Even though striped dolphins (Stenella coeruleoalba) are among the most abundant and widespread dolphins in the world, they are a rare sighting in the northern Adriatic.


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