Dreaming Of Traveling - Make Your Dreams Come True

Ok, so you typed in "dreaming of traveling" into the Google search which means you're either dreaming about your next trip or you literally had a dream about traveling and want to know what it means.

Wonderful, you came to the right place.

dreaming of the world in the palm of my hands
one day I will be able to travel everywhere

Dreaming of traveling is a dream we all have and it's one we always want to come true. Let us tell you, your dreams might be closer than they appear.

We are going to help you get on the right path to making your traveling dreams happen by telling you how to get there, but first, let's talk about what this dream might mean.

A lot of people ask why we dream about traveling and the answer is pretty simple: because it's something we all love and desire. The reasons for dreaming about traveling can be endless; it could symbolize our wish to break free from reality, our need to explore new things, or just a call for adventure.

Dreams of traveling

Dreaming Of Traveling (Literally) - What It Means

So you had a dream about traveling and you're not sure what it means:

About half of us have experienced dreams about traveling at some point in our lives and there are countless theories out there trying to explain these dreams. Many psychologists believe that dreams about travel represent a desire to escape from the difficulties of daily life, while others believe that dreams about traveling are actually about day-to-day activities.

For example, if you dream of driving on an empty road, the empty road could mean that there is no more room for improvement in your career path. On the other hand, it could also mean that you are going down the wrong path in life.

The most common explanation is that dreaming about traveling symbolizes change and transition, which makes sense because, in order to travel somewhere, there needs to be a change from one place to another. Dreams of traveling also tend to signify the end of something, such as starting a new chapter in life, completing a learning experience, or concluding a relationship.

So it could be that you're just completing one chapter and starting the next.

Or that you're about to start something new and exciting!

In short, dreams about traveling could mean many things but the most common ones include change and transition, conclusion or moving on from something, excitement, and new experiences. Although there is no way to be 100% sure, your subconscious might just be trying to tell you that a period of change and self-exploration is coming.

Dreaming of traveling can also mean that your subconscious is trying to tell you something important, such as the fact that you're bored or unhappy at work or with your current way of life (i.e., you need a change!). If this is the case then it's definitely time for a change!

There are many other explanations.

That said, there are limitless reasons why you might have had a dream about traveling that don't necessarily always mean change or excitement. The best way to find out if your subconscious is trying to tell you something is to pay close attention to what happened in the dream and how it makes you feel.

No matter what type of dream this is, here are some questions you can ask yourself to figure out what it may mean. Keep in mind, there's no right or wrong answer here, it's just a way to get your reflections going:

  1. What was the dominant feeling in my dream? Was I scared, excited, etc.?

  2. What time of day did this take place?

  3. Who else was with me? If no one else, who was my dream character?

  4. How did I feel about the location in my dream initially before I started exploring?

  5. If it is a place I've been to before, how did I feel about it this time? Was my feeling different than the first time?

  6. What were some small details that seemed important to the dream?

  7. How do these details make me feel now as I'm reflecting on them?

There are many reasons for dreaming about traveling and what it means for you specifically depends on the time of year, your experiences leading up to the dream, and more. The important thing is that this dream is giving you some insight.

It's telling you something about yourself whether it be small or big so take some time to think about what it may mean for you.

Dreaming About Your Next Trip

Maybe you didn't actually have a dream about traveling but you are daydreaming about your next trip (let's be honest, don't we all?). Or you are thinking about how nice it would be to travel more often in your life.

The pandemic has thrown us a lot of curveballs in the past two years and many of us had to cancel our travel plans. Nobody knows when we will completely out of it, but one thing is for sure: traveling will always be part of our lives.

Whether it is a road trip, city visits with friends, your first solo trip, exploring a new culture, or a getaway with your boo... it doesn't matter. The point is you are longing for the freedom to travel.

Dreaming of Traveling

Tips to Make Your Travel Dream Come True

Possibilities are infinite and there is a place for everyone to go around the world. You just have to take the first step!

1. Bookmark Websites That Can Inspire You

There are many websites with awesome pictures and stories. Find your inspiration and create your own wish list of destinations.

2. Ask People Who Have Been to Where You Want To Go

If you don't know someone who has visited your destination already, do a quick search on social media and ask around. People love to help other future travelers! Check out our Facebook Group Vacation Countdown - The Travel Community.

3. Plan Wisely

For some of us traveling is part of our year-long bucket list and we plan it carefully. For others, it is something they do on a whim after watching so many pictures on Instagram. It is important to remember that traveling isn't free and that planning ahead can save you lots of money and time!

4. Don't Wait for "The Perfect Time"

There is never going to be a perfect time. There will always be an excuse why it is not the right moment to travel. Quit making excuses and start saying "yes" to new things!

5. Do what you love

Traveling doesn't have to be expensive or a luxurious experience. You just have to do something that makes you happy and go from there! It can mean getting on a bus, going camping with friends, renting a car for an epic road trip, hitchhiking through Europe... anything goes as long as you are having fun!

6. Buy Travel Accessories

Don't forget to check if you have all the equipment needed for your trips (the right luggage, toiletries, clothes, accessories, etc.); put everything into an organized list and start shopping!

7. Browse for Travel Deals on Flights and Hotels

You will be surprised by how much you can save when you plan in advance! Flights and hotel prices fluctuate a lot, so try to book your trip at least one month ahead of time.

8. Enjoy The Experience

Traveling is not always perfect: it doesn't matter if you lose your luggage if one of your flights is delayed, or when the weather doesn't cooperate. The most important thing is to enjoy your trip and learn from it!

9. Go Now!

You don't have to wait for somebody to come with you. You can always go alone and meet new people who will change your life forever.

It's liberating to know that you can make your own decisions and live the life you want.

10. Prepare For The Next trip!

When your travel experience is over, it doesn't mean that everything is finished. You have to start planning your next one and reset your Vacation Countdown App :)

Ready to make your travel dream come true? Take the first step now! There is never going to be a perfect time, so stop making excuses and start saying "yes" to new things!

Don't forget to check if you have all the equipment needed for your trips (the right luggage, toiletries, clothes, accessories, etc.), put everything into an organized list, browse for travel deals on flights and hotels (you will be surprised by how much you can save when you plan in advance!), enjoy the experience, go now, prepare for the next trip!

Don't wait for someone to come with you; remember that traveling is not always perfect. The most important thing is to enjoy your trip and learn from it!

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