Ecotourism in Guyana

Have you added Guyana to your bucket list yet? While it might not be the first destination that comes to mind for spending your vacation, its actually a growing travel destination for people around the world.

Guyana is much different than your typical hotspots around the world. While you won't find many iconic landmarks or historical sites, it's where you can discover the buzzing trend of ecotourism.

What is Ecotourism?

Ecotourism is a growing trend in travel. It focuses on experiencing a destination while keeping in mind sustainability for the local community and environment. Ecotourism is a progressive form of travel with hopes to replace the massive traffic to historical landmarks to a more conscious way of travel of preservation – you should leave a destination better than when you arrived.

Eco-tourism is for everyone and can take you around the world to experience travel in a new way. New destinations are becoming popular hotspots for ecotourism, most recently Guyana.

Why travel to Guyana for Ecotourism?

Did you know that Guyana ranks as the #1 destination in the world for ecotourism? The small country in the north of South America was awarded and recognized at the 2019 ITB global travel trade fair in Berlin.

First hearing about the award might surprise you, but after getting to know about bit about Guyana, it makes perfect sense and is sure to remain a world leader in ecotourism.

The landscape of Guyana is lush with thick rainforests and home to an abundance of wildlife and flora. With just under 300,000 tourists every year, many people arrive for exploring the rich natural landscape of the country or discovering the preserved traditions and cultures.

Guyana established a Green State Development initiative to highlight a multi-year plan to improve the quality of life in Guyana, from health to economic improvements across the entire country. Many of the efforts relate directly to tourism as it's a major industry.

With hopes of reducing the carbon footprint and maintain the natural beauty, the country turns to the promotion of ecotourism to achieve the long-term goals.

The primary pillars for tourism in Guyana include educating, improve, and preserve. Guyana is an ideal place for travelers seeking an ecotourism experience as you'll have a chance to learn about Guyana's nature and culture while seeing the continuous improvements and preservation of the country.

Things to do in Guyana for Ecotourism

Ecotourism merges concepts of exploring the natural attractions of Guyana along with supporting the local communities for sustainable growth for the future. The top things to do in Guyana combine aspects of each of them.


When you think of ecotourism, a capital city might not be the first destination that comes to mind. Still, it goes to show how dedicated the country is for preserving natural habitats and ecosystems.

Georgetown has a lot of destinations to visit, a major attraction being the Guyana National Park located in the heart of the capital. The national park is home to hundreds of species of birds and also endangered manatees swimming in the park's pond. Another destination in the capital is the botanical gardens. Visit the gardens to see more of the local wildlife such as manatees and monkeys living within the tropical flora.

Our favorite hotel is the Cara Lodge Hotel , a colonial-style house which was originally built in the 1840s.

Rupununi Savannah

The Rupununi Savannah is one of the most popular ecotourism destinations in Guyana, with approximately 5,000 square miles of a wilderness area designated as protected land. The savannah includes a range of landscapes from tropical grasslands to rainforest-covered mountains.

Rupununi Savannah
Rupununi Savannah

Rupununi Savannah is the most biologically diverse region of Guyana. The varied landscape makes it home to a variety of climate zones and ecosystems – it's home to jaguars, considered the largest in South America, Harpy Eagles, a rare species, and hundreds of other bird species.Visitors can find guided tours available for exploring the savannah either from the ground or in a helicopter for a unique perspective of the landscape.

Iwokrama Rainforest

Iwokrama Rainforest is one of the last tropical rainforests of Earth. In efforts to preserve the natural landmark, a conservation center was established in the forest to promote ecotourism. There are also local communities and NGA organizations playing a role in the conversation efforts.

The Iwokrama Rainforest is a top tourist attraction in Guyana to explore the dense forest, consisting of tall tropical trees and extends to the Iwokrama Mountains. The rainforest is home to many threatened and extinct wildlife. It has the highest concentration of fish and bat species in the world, with over 400 species of fish and nearly 100 different bats. Bird watching is also popular to see over 500 different species of birds.

The Iwokrama River Lodge overlooking the Essequibo river is a peaceful and tranquil place to stay. Guests love the the spacious cabins and private balconies with hammocks.

Kaieteur Falls

Visit the Kaieteur National Park to witness the power of the Kaieteur Falls, a must-see for visitors to Guyana. The waterfall is the largest single drop waterfall in the world (based on water volume). It has an elevation of over 825 feet – for comparison, its over four-times the height of Niagara Falls and more than two-times higher than Victoria Falls.

The falls are in the center of the rainforest. The fall is best accessible via chartered flights from the nearby airport. Guided tours take visitors on a passenger aircraft to fly over the falls for excellent aerial views of the landmark, and then lands where you'll see the fall from a variety of on-ground viewpoints.

Many of the top tourist destinations in Guyana are for exploring the natural wonders of the country. Ecotourism is a growing industry in Guyana – as the top ecotourism destination in the world, it's sure to see a significant boost in the number of visitors in the upcoming years.

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