Best Travel Destination in 2021: Exploring the Mysteries of Tulum, Mexico

Are you attracted to the Mayan culture and the mysteries associated with it? On the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula is the ancient city of Tulum, where you can not only see and walk through the places of the mysterious people settlements but also have a great rest.

Tulum, Mexico Aerial Photography

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The town of Tulum is relatively small, with a population of about 15 thousand people. This amazing place consists of three parts: the ruins of the ancient Mayan city - the main "highlight" of these places, the Indian village of Tulum Pueblo, and the tourist and entertainment area, which stretches along the road and the Caribbean Sea for several kilometers. It is noteworthy that Tulum has some of the best beaches in Mexico. This has led to the fact that it has become a popular resort with cozy hotels attracting millions of tourists in recent years.

Getting there

Since Tulum doesn't have an airport, you can get there from Cancun, where the nearest airport to Tulum is, or from Playa del Carmen. Approximately every hour, there is a bus from the station in Cancun, on which you will spend about 2 hours (135 km) and 220-280 local Pesos (MXN). You can also hop on a rural van ("Colectivo") for 100 MXN. Please note that buses will stop at archaeological parks along the way.

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If you want to see the ruins of the ancient city, you need to get off at the first stop in Tulum - at the crossroads, from where the road to the ruins begins (1.5 km long). Another option is to order a taxi for 80 MXN or rent a car. From Playa del Carmen, you can also take a bus (60 MXN) or hope on colectivo (50 MXN).

Getting Around

To get around Tulum, you can take a taxi or rent a car. Still, you need to remember that the city is so small that it is easier and more interesting to walk or rent a bicycle (150 Mexican pesos). By the way, both locals and almost all tourists prefer to ride bikes.

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Weather in Tulum

Tulum is located in the south of Mexico in the tropics. The climate here is hot and humid and is divided into two seasons: dry in winter and 100% humid in summer. The average annual air temperature is + 30̊. Seawater warms up to + 25̊ all year round. When visiting the resort, you should bear in mind that the sun in this region is very active, so that only sunscreen will help from burns.

Tulum Pyramids and Ruins

The word "tulúm" is translated from the Yucatec language as "fence" or "wall." This is understandable: the ancient city located right on the coast is fenced from all sides by fortress walls 3-5 meters high and up to 8 meters thick, as well as sheer cliffs. There are many buildings left from the Mayan civilization in these places, which is the main attraction for tourists. From some ruins, one can only guess what was there, while others are very well preserved. In general, buildings made of giant slabs do not fit into the framework of generally accepted history - even with the use of modern technologies, it is very difficult to build something like this. How this could have been done several thousand years ago is a question.

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The old town contains the ruins of residential buildings, watchtowers, and the Castillo fortress. Among all the buildings, the Temple of Frescoes with two galleries stands out, which is dedicated to the "Descending God" of the Maya and is filled with sculptures and frescoes. The ruins of the old town are 3 km from Tulum Pueblo. You can order a taxi starting from 70 Mexican pesos. Still, many ride bicycles - 20 minutes with a breeze along a beautiful road, and you are there, and besides, you can drive directly to the ruins. However, if you rent a car, you would have to leave it in the paid parking lot (50-120 MXN) and walk to the ruins or rent a minibus that will take you from the entrance directly to the ruins for 20 MXN.

The archaeological complex is open from 8:00 to 16:30, so it is better to arrive early in the morning or before closing because in the afternoon, this place turns into the "Tower of Babel." The complex entrance is 65 MXN, but if they notice a video camera, they can charge an additional fee. Also, you can hire a guide.

Another attraction of Tulum, in addition to the magnificent sea and beach, is an incredible number of cave systems and cenotes. Be sure to visit them because their beauty is indescribable. What's more, stalactites and stalagmites can be seen underwater, for example, in the Gran Cenote. Entrance - 150 Mexican pesos, rent of mask and fins - 100 Mexican pesos.

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Tulum is a combination of sophistication, romance, relaxation, carelessness, and exquisite taste. Therefore, if you are still undecided about where to go in 2021, you should definitely visit this fantastic Mexican resort and see for yourself!

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