Paradise in Mexico – Why Cancún & Tulum Should Be Your Next Destinations

A vacation is a perfect time to relax, enjoy, and discover beautiful new places that will be part of your memories for the rest of your life. Mexico has a lot to offer, and two places to consider for your 2021 vacation are Cancún and Tulum. There is something for everyone here, from sandy beaches to incredible cultural experiences.

Cancún Beaches

Photo by Carlos Huchim on Unsplash

The water is clear, the sand is white, the beaches are large, what else is there to want? These are some of the most beautiful beaches on the continent and just lounging here and sunbathing is already an incredible experience.

Cancún Hotels

If you’re looking to be pampered and don’t want to move a finger to make yourself a meal, you are in the right place. Cancún has many all-inclusive resorts where you can eat, drink, and be part of multiple fun activities both at the hotel and the beach. There are all-inclusive stays for all tastes, including family-friendly and adults-only spaces.

If you don’t really like the all-inclusive vibe, there’s nothing to worry about! You can find great options right in the city, which is close enough to the beach that you won’t be missing out on anything. Plus, there are great offers for every budget, ensuring you will have an awesome time!

Snorkeling in Cancún

There are many water sports and activities you can do in Cancún. One of these is snorkeling, which will allow you to see beautiful fish and corals. Did you know that there is an underwater museum in Cancún? How amazing is that?! You can choose to either snorkel or dive there, for an unforgettable visit that will allow you to see around 470 statues.

Tulum Beaches

A huge effort has been made to preserve the beaches of Tulum as much as possible. This is why they are considered some of the most pristine beaches in the entire country. The water has a special azure color with startling white sand that will make you wish you can stay forever. Although Tulum has become incredibly popular in recent years, you can still find quiet spots to relax and enjoy the beautiful view.


Man Diving in a Cenotes

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

These are probably some of the most well-known attractions in Tulum. There are numerous cenotes near the town and some even more spectacular a bit further away. You should make sure you visit one or more of them for a full Tulum experience. An extra piece of advice is to arrive there as early as you can to avoid crowds and have the cenote all to yourself.

Chichen Itzá

Chichen Itzá

Photo by Filip Gielda on Unsplash

Tulum is closer to Chichen Itzá than Cancún although you can head there from any of these places without too much trouble. The Mayan site has spectacular remnants of Mayan history, including the famous Temple of Kukulcan, which is often referred to as a pyramid. You can go on a hired tour or find a tour guide there to learn more about the incredible history of this area.

Food in Cancun and Tulum

Whether you choose Cancun or Tulum, something you can’t miss is the food. Forget what you know about Mexican food, here you will get everything fresh, with real Mexican flavors and amazing ingredients. While there are many international restaurants in the area, make sure you eat like a local as much as possible, it is a gastronomic experience.

If you’re planning on going on vacation in 2021, consider making Cancún, Tulum, or both your chosen destination. Once you’re ready, you can use the Vacation Countdown app to count down the days and organize everything you need before you go on this amazing trip!

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