The Best Flight-Booking Hacks in 2021

Check out our best flight-booking hacks and practices below to help you save as much as possible!

When to Book Flights

You may have heard that the best time to book your flight is on a Tuesday or Thursday, precisely 6 weeks before your trip. Unfortunately, it’s not quite that simple. Airline prices fluctuate every single day, and there’s no specific day that they plummet.

The best time to book your flight is whenever you see a great price on it. Google Flights offers some fantastic tools to help you keep an eye on prices. These include a calendar that shows the lowest flight cost for each day several months into the future and a tracking mode that will notify you when prices change for a specific trip. It’ll even tell you how the price compares to the standard costs.

So rather than waiting for Tuesday, keep an eye on those notifications and book when the price feels right.

The Best Day to Fly

Unfortunately, the best days to fly are typically the least convenient ones. High-traffic days always cost more because the airlines capitalize on your desire to travel those days. So rather than booking flights over the weekend(even a long one), try to switch things up and fly on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday.

Where to Find Cheap Flights

Thankfully, there are plenty of tools are your disposal to help you find the cheapest flights. Be sure to shop around for the best deal before you book to maximize those savings!

1. Google Flights

Google Flights is a fantastic free tool that will show you the lowest possible flight prices for any given day. This is where Google Flight’s calendar tracker comes in very handy. You can compare prices for your trip day by day to see how much you can save. You can also use the Google Flights Explore tool to see the cheapest destinations worldwide for your travel dates.

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Also, Google does not raise your prices based on your search history, so there’s no need to clear your cookies after every search. Instead, sign up for notifications and let Google do all the hard work for you!

2. Travelzoo

Travelzoo has deals on everything from flights to complete vacation packages if you're willing to be flexible with your plans. Their deal experts do the research for you to find the lowest prices, and they frequently land exclusive member deals that can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars.

The only downside is that they may not have a deal for the specific location or date you are looking for every time. But if you start searching early, something will likely pop up.

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The website is 100% free to use but does require you to sign up before purchasing a deal. However, you’ll love seeing those epic deals land in your inbox, and you can even customize your notifications for specific flights or destinations.

3. Directly with the airline

Sometimes, you’ll find the cheapest flights directly on an airline’s website. Especially if you’re a member of that airline’s rewards program, you may be able to snag an extra deal using points or member perks.

Airlines like Spirit and Frontier also offer special prices and sales that only members can access. These airlines do charge small fees (around $60 annually) for their memberships. Still, that’s a trivial cost compared to the savings you’ll see if you fly more than a couple of times each year or have multiple people flying.

4. Scott’s Cheap Flights

One of the most popular paid deal-finders is Scott’s Cheap Flights. This service does all the research and sends flights deals from your home airport directly to your inbox.

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This includes good deals and those rare “mistake” fares that can save you hundreds on each ticket. Those mistake fare notifications are particularly useful if you have a flexible schedule and an adventurous spirit. If not, you can still monitor your inbox for deals to the destination you have in mind and book whenever the price is right.

This service costs $49 annually, but when you can save up to 90% on tickets, it’s money very well spent!

Next time you’re planning an epic vacation, don’t settle for top-dollar flights! Use these tips and hacks to find the lowest fairs possible so you can splurge at your destination!

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