Top 11 Safest Countries To Visit As A First-Time Solo Female Traveler

Travelling can bring unparalleled joy and acts as a nice escape from the usual routine. So, whether you are all set to embark on a solo journey alone nearby or to some far-off country that was on your bucket list, it is important to choose your first place wisely. Travelling alone can be pretty daunting in itself as there are worries about safety, where to eat, stay and a thousand other worries.

So, before you start planning your first vacation as a solo female traveler, have a look at some of the safest places to visit:

1. Croatia

Croatia Solo Travel

Croatia is a diverse and beautiful country in Eastern Europe that seems to be largely overlooked by the rest of Europe. It is still not as popular as its close neighbors, Greece and Italy, but it's getting there.

There are plenty of reasons why Croatia would be a great destination for solo travelers. Statistically, Croatia is one of the safest countries in the world!

It's easy to travel in, the people are welcoming, the local food is delicious, there are lovely indoor and outdoor activities, and it's great value for money! Secluded beaches, stunning islands and mountainscapes, and historic towns as well as a variety of entertainment options from hiking to partying with nightlife in places like Dubrovnik and Split make Croatia the perfect destination for solo travelers.

2. Thailand

Thailand Solo Travel

If surrounding yourself amidst the tropics, sun-bathing on pristine beaches and drinking coconut water sounds like the perfect vacation for you - then choose Thailand as your first destination as a solo traveler. This backpackers paradise is not only cheap, but also one of the safest countries to travel in the world. From indulging in yoga retreats to cleanse your soul to trekking in the jungles, you can choose your ideal way of enjoying a holiday.

This tourist-friendly country is safe for females are harassment and assault are very low, and locals are known to be very hospitable.

3. Australia

Australia Solo Travel

With a large population of English speakers, Australians are known to be friendly towards tourists. There’s a minimal risk of harassment, high level of safety which all work in favor of Australia being one of the highest countries ranked on places to visit as a solo traveler. Though, for most people, Australia seems a long way from their home country. But, if you do decide to take the plunge, explore gems like Kakadu National Park, visit the East Coast and spend some time in the vibrant, sunny cities. From scuba diving to get up close with kangaroos - Australia can be a lot of fun.

4. Spain

Spain Solo Travel

Easily one of the most popular countries to visit, Spain remains among the top two places visited in world. This country is incredibly tourist-friendly and has lots to offer to all kinds of travelers. History, culture, beaches, food - Spain has it all. Relax at the beaches of Barcelona, explore the culture of south or just stuff yourself with all types of delectable food that Spain has to offer. With one of the lowest crime rates in the world, and one of the most egalitarian societies, Spain will continue to be one of the most popular places to visit for years to come.

5. Ireland

Ireland Solo Travel

Ireland is one of the friendliest countries to visit as a solo female traveler. The locals are very hospitable to tourists, plus, the natural beauty of this country is just jaw-dropping. The jagged cliffs, remote villages, and culturally rich heritage; Ireland seems to have it all. Dublin is one of the best cities to travel to for solo female travelers. It is pretty easy to navigate this city as you can take a bus, metro or cab. Don’t forget to take a walking tour of Trinity College and seeing the ancient Book of Kells.

6. Canada

Canada Solo Travel

The second-largest country in the world has a lot to offer to every type of traveler. From exploring cities like Toronto which are cultural hotspots to venturing out in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada can be a great place to visit as a solo female traveler from the US. British Columbia can be a great place to travel in as it has beaches, forests, mountains all just a stone’s throw away from each other. Plus, the temperate climate means that there are plenty of outdoor activities to do. Hike up Grouse Mountain in North Vancouver, or try skiing in the winter.

7. Singapore

Singapore Solo Travel

This tiny country is easily one of the safest countries for solo female travelers. Since the country has more females anyway, it makes solo female travelers incredibly comfortable as soon as they land. The country is known to have extremely low rates of women harassment and is one of the safest countries in the world. The efficient transportation system in the form of metro and bus makes it easy for anyone to safely travel throughout the country. Don’t forget to visit the Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay, street arts in Little India and bars in Haji Lane and shopping in China Town!

8. France

France Solo Travel

France is one of the most visited countries in the world. No surprises there as Paris is on every person’s bucket list. The country is pretty safe for females, even though the English-speaking population is less here. Solo dining is a way of life here. Order an espresso and just people watch every evening while reading a book. Don’t forget to try Hot Chocolate at Angelina’s in Paris before you leave to explore more cities in the country. Eiffel Tower is the iconic symbol of Paris which deserves one visit, if not more!

9. Malaysia

Malaysia Solo Travel

Malaysia is all about sun, sand, beaches and the tropical vibe. It is often overlooked in the favor of Indonesia and Thailand, but, Malaysia is also one of the best countries to visit as a solo female traveler. Many backpackers come here and stay for months on end as there are many cheap hostels and accommodations readily available. They have some of the most beautiful beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters. The modern capital of Kuala Lumpur is just like any other big city in terms of transportation, people and shopping. It can be a shoppers paradise for any woman who visits this country.

10. Japan

Japan Solo Travel

The land of the rising sun, Japan, is one of the most mystical countries to visit for solo female travelers. But, just because it is mystical does not mean that it’s not safe. Japan is one of the safest countries on earth, ranking in the top 10 of the Global Peace Index. Violent crimes do not happen at all as the Japanese culture places importance on peace and prosperity.

The public transportation is phenomenal. Trains run all night on most lines, which means solo travelers don't have to worry about not being able to safely get back to the hotel or hostel at any hour. The shinkansen bullet trains are beautiful and go from Tokyo all the way down the length of Japan to Hiroshima or up north to Sapporo.

Another pro: The Japanese are very friendly and helpful. Even if they don't do anything actively helpful for you, just knowing that everyone around you has been raised to be nice and polite and non-judgmental towards foreigners makes things less stressful -

11. Indonesia

Indonesia and more specifically, Bali, is the top choice for female digital nomads as well as solo travelers all around the world.

Some places seem to have been designed for solo travelers, and Bali is definitely one of them. It is a small island with a well-developed tourist infrastructure. It's safe, the scenery is beautiful, the cost of living is very affordable here, plus, the locals are very hospitable towards tourists and women in general. It's safe, the people are friendly, the scenery is beautiful, and it's cheap.

Bali is synonymous with yoga, spirituality and all things vegan for many international travelers. There are several cafes and hotels where you can find organic food catered to the tastes of tourists from around the world. It is no surprise that Indonesia is one of the top choices for solo female travelers.

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