Top 8 Pet Accessories for Hassle-Free Travel

No matter how much you love your pet, traveling with a furry companion can be a hassle. From hygiene issues to protecting your car, a traveling pet poses some real concerns.

However, thanks to those who’ve struggled before you, dozens of great solutions are readily available for a stress-free vacation.

1. Dog Travel Bag

Keeping your canine’s toys, food, brushes, and other accessories organized and accessible can be a problem. However, the Top Dog Travel Bag alleviates all your issues with ample storage and organizational compartments.

You’ll find plenty of places to store everything with an internal divider, mesh and zipper pockets, a water-bottle holder, and two lined, insulated food storage containers! And a convenient luggage strap even allows you to secure the bag to your own suitcase for convenient transportation. As an extra bonus, the Top Dog travel bag comes with two collapsible food and water bowls for easy mealtimes and storage on the go.

2. Dog Car Seat

When you don’t want your pup to travel in a cage but want him to stay safe, consider the Genorth Dog Car Seat.

Tiny dogs will be much more comfortable in this special seat reinforced with PVC and padded with a fluffy flannel blanket (included!). Safety belts secure the basket to your car’s seat, and an additional safety strap keeps your pet secure inside. Plus, a handy storage pocket on the front side provides convenient storage for treats and toys.

3. Portable Playpen

Your perfect mobile playtime solution is here! The Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Playpen is the ideal solution for campers who need to keep their pets close and travelers who don’t want their pets messing up hotel carpets.

This portable playpen comes in three sizes to accommodate rabbits, cats, and dogs, and folds down to the size of a laptop carrying case! It’s built with water-resistant materials and breathable mesh with a zippered top that can be added when your pet needs some shade. This playpen also comes with its own carrying case and a collapsible food bowl for maximum convenience.

4. Car Seat Cover

Even if your doggo (or kitty) is a “good boy,” he still has claws and fur that can seriously mess up your car seats. If your pet is too large for a pet seat, consider a special car seat cover designed to protect your interior from fur, scratches, and liquid mishaps. The Supsoo Car Seat Cover is designed for maximum compatibility across vehicles, as well as premium safety for your car and your dog.

The fabric is waterproof, scratchproof, and non-slip, yet easy to clean when messes do happen. The hammock design protects all sides of your car seats and keeps your dog from flying forward at fast stops; plus, a handy opening allows you to secure your pup with a safety leash for extra security.

5. Collapsible Cat Condo Set

The ultimate kitty travel set has arrived! The Cheering Pet Cat Condo is loaded with convenient and fun features for you and your cat.

The condo pops up in seconds with enough room for two cats to comfortably play inside. A steel-wire frame combined with breathable mesh and 600D Oxford fabric keep the space airy but safe from your cat’s claws. The construction also works with your car’s seat belt to keep your cats secure inside. This set comes with a plush floor mat, a collapsible water bowl, a collapsible (and easy to clean) litter box, feather and rattle toys, security stakes, and a carrying case! When you’re ready to move, just fold and stash everything to a fraction of their full size for effortless transportation.

6.Pet Carrier Backpack

If your little pet needs some help while you’re exploring, but you don’t like the front carrier option, consider the Kurgo Pet Carrier Backpack, perfect for dogs and cats up to 25 lbs.

This airline compliant backpack has a special water and muck proof bottom with a stain-resistant exterior to protect you and the bag from any mishaps. The pet compartment and back are both padded for everyone’s comfort, hip and sternum belts provide you with extra support, and two water bottle sleeves make it easy for both of you to stay hydrated. For extra security, a carabiner clip inside the pet compartment allows you to secure your furry friend while still allowing him to peek outside. It’s the perfect way for the two of you to explore together!

7. Highwave AutoDogMug

Protect your pup from the harmful bacteria in public dog bowls with the Highwave AutoDogMug.

This innovative doggy water bottle provides one-handed hydration for your pet. Just squeeze the bottle, and water flows up into the bowl topper for your dog. When you release, the remaining fluid returns back into the bottle for mess-free water breaks! It also has a convenient carrying strap that lets you easily attach the bottle to a bag or carry it around your wrist; but when you’re on the road, it’s designed to fit perfectly into the cup holder of your car.

8. Portable Pet Outdoor Shower

Traveling with a stinky pet can ruin your trip very quickly, so make sure your pet stays clean with a portable shower solution! Designed for dogs but usable for any pet, the Kurgo Portable Outdoor Shower for pets transforms any basic 2-liter bottle into the quick cleaning solution you need.

It’s an ideal option for campers, hikers, and beach-goers because it easily washes the sand, dirt, and mud off your pet’s paws and fur. The shower stream lasts up to two minutes with a full bottle, and the nozzle can be thrown in the dishwasher when it needs a refresh. This is an accessory you’ll always want to keep with you on the go!

Make your next vacation with your pet the best one yet with these great stress-saving pet travel accessories that’ll make your furry friend your favorite traveling companion.

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