Traveling is Better with the Vacation Countdown App!

Don’t you love that feeling of anticipation you get as your next vacation creeps closer…and closer? After long weeks working the daily grind, the expectation that builds up right before your vacation makes those days so exciting!

There’s also such satisfaction in rewarding yourself with the perfect trip and using your vacation fund to buy plane tickets, book rooms, and reserve expeditions! With each purchase, your trip feels even more real. It’s enough to boost even the lowest spirits from working too hard or going too long without a vacation (RIP 2020)!

Especially after a challenging time, daily reminders about your next trip can do wonders to keep your spirits up. As you get ready to travel again, the FREE Vacation Countdown App can give you that daily boost of excitement with tons of fun features to prepare you for your trip!

Customized Countdowns

Whether you have one trip planned or three, you can create individual countdowns that tell you how far away your trip is, down to the second! Not only will this daily reminder keep you excited for your trip, but it will also let you know how long you have to finalize your plans.

The Vacation Countdown app lets you set a unique background for each countdown that symbolizes the trip and all the fun things ahead. You can choose from dozens of our professional stock photos, including idyllic beaches, misty mountains views, and global icons, like the Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal. Or, you can upload your own photo to make the countdown even more personal!

And once your countdown starts ticking, you don’t have to keep it to yourself! Instantly share it with your travel companions and friends via text, email, or social media so you can all get excited together!

Check out our video below showing you how to change your background theme:

Quote of the Day

We know those faraway trips can seem too far away at times. Whenever you need an extra pick-me-up, our Quote of the Day feature is always ready to provide some additional encouragement to help you push through.

Built-In Packing List & Recommendations

Do you always forget something when you travel? Or maybe you just love to plan and make lists! Either way, be sure to take advantage of our handy packing list feature! In the weeks before your trip, add items to your customized packing lists as you think of them so you don’t miss a thing.

And don’t forget to check out our Picks of the Week section to see fantastic travel products that will make your adventures even better! We curate a weekly list of top-notch travel gear that you can buy right off of Amazon for speedy delivery and worry-free purchases. Our recommendations make it simple to replace that old suitcase, replenish your necessities, or discover a handy new travel accessory for your trip!

Fun Games & Quizzes

Vacation Countdown App, Best Travel Mobile App

Start the adventure early by playing our travel-themed games! Whether you want to prepare for your trip by learning more about Europe or kill time on the road as you travel, the app has hours of enjoyment for you!

You can quiz yourself on the flags of the world, geography, US States and Capitals, Hawaii, or Europe, learning lots of cool facts along the way. Or, immerse yourself in matching games with stunning photos of destinations and flags from around the globe!

Inspiring Travel News

Give yourself a dose of wanderlust every day with epic articles and videos! Our Vacation Countdown blog keeps you up to date on the best travel tips, gear, and destinations to help you plan the perfect adventure. You may even discover your new dream vacation in one of our posts!

Our articles are full of information about dreamy cities, historical locales, and beautiful nature sites. Whatever kind of adventure makes your heart beat a little faster, you’ll find plenty of them through this exclusive news feature.

Explore our Gift Shop

Finish up your vacation planning by treating yourself to some official Vacation Countdown travel gear! Our customized designs remind you to keep your Vacation Mode on at all times, let others know you’re always planning a trip, and give you a fun way to mourn 2020’s canceled plans.

We offer everything from shirts and hoodies to hats, mugs, and backpacks in nearly 30 unique designs, so there’s plenty for you to enjoy both before and after your trip.

You can enjoy all these features for every trip with the Vacation Countdown App!

Download it today through the Apple or Google Play Store to start preparing for your next epic vacation!

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