What You Need to Know for Traveling in 2021

We’re in 2021, and it’s time to think about your travel plans for the year. Perhaps you have travel booked, or maybe you’re just thinking about it. Either way, these are some travel trends and important things to know and consider before booking and traveling in 2021 and beyond.

Timing Is Everything

Picking the right time to travel (and to book) in 2021 is important. Those who book too soon may have to cancel due to border closures and travel restrictions. If you wait, prices may rise as there’s a crazy rush to travel.

It’s true — timing plays a big part in traveling in 2021. Taking trips in the first quarter may be very different from holiday travel in 2021. We can’t predict the future, but it may be best to consider summer travel for 2021.

Whether we’re still in the throes of coronavirus or things have improved, taking a summer vacation is never a bad idea. Plus, if COVID cases are still high, summer weather makes it easy to do outdoor activities, dine al fresco and social distance.

Booking Cancellable/Changeable Travel Will Still Be Key

Timing is a less stressful concern if you book cancellable or amendable travel. Airlines are making this easy for passengers. Many carriers have permanently eliminated change fees for standard economy and premium tickets. Hotels and rental properties are offering generous cancellation policies too.

It’s never been easier to cancel travel, just read the fine print and make sure to understand the cancellation terms before booking.

People Will Go Further And Stay Longer

Jetting off every other weekend isn’t quite as easy as it once was. Travel takes a bit of conscious organization these days, from making sure your rate is cancellable to triple-checking border and arrival rules to getting travel insurance that covers COVID-19.

Travelers may take fewer trips in 2021, but these trips may be longer and more curated. As airlines have dropped many routes, you may find it takes longer and requires a few layovers to get to your chosen destination. Once you’ve gotten your negative COVID test to show proof to enter a country, or carefully organized a socially-distanced itinerary, it’s worth staying at your destination a bit longer after all that hassle.

People may be traveling even further in 2021, too. After a year stuck at home, many have realized that if they want to take that bucket list trip, they have to seize the moment.

Working Remotely And Personal Travel Will Meld Together

Remote work is likely here to stay, regardless of how the COVID-19 pandemic evolves. As long as you have a solid Wi-Fi connection and the right tech tools, you can work from anywhere.

If you’ve decided this sounds like a pretty good plan, the next step is selecting where to go. And the Caribbean is welcoming remote workers with open arms.

So, grab your computer and consider spending part of 2021 basking in the Caribbean sunshine. After all, emails can just as easily be sent poolside, it seems.

While traveling in 2021 still might look like a daunting task, it is a definite possibility to travel safely next year, especially if you keep these key considerations in mind. Happy travels!

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