Why Winter Vacations are Great for Introverts

Few people actually enjoy sharing their vacation destinations with several thousand other tourists. But if you’re an introvert by nature and love to travel solo, just the thought of being near that many people can be absolutely detestable!

Thankfully, there is a way to bypass those pesky tourist crowds and all the stress that comes with them: a winter vacation.

Young woman enjoying the snow during winter vacation

So for all the introverts out there, here are 5 reasons why winter vacations are perfect for you!

1. You’ll Skip the Busy Season

It’s no secret that summer is considered prime time for vacations to most people with the warm weather and long days. And for families dealing with school schedules, summer is often the only time of year they can take a vacation.

So it’s not surprising that even in the almost-post-pandemic world, more than 67% of Americans planned to travel during the summer of 2021, and 48% of people worldwide took some sort of summer trip.

But that’s a lot of people to compete with…especially if you don’t like being around people! That’s why winter vacations are the perfect time for you to travel.

23% of Americans actually prefer to travel in the winter because the crowds are so low. Only a handful of people can or want to travel during the winter, making it the ideal time for introverts to get out and enjoy the world. As long as you skip the holiday rush, you can go to

2. Winter Vacations are Cozy

Does snuggling up with a fuzzy blanket while snow swirls outside your cabin window sound like the perfect day? Or maybe you’d like to enjoy a full day of Netflix in bed with the valid excuse that it’s too cold to go outside? Winter vacations are for you!

A woman sits in bed in front of a window, snow falling outside.

When you take a winter vacation, it’s perfectly acceptable to travel somewhere with the intent to stay in all day. In the summer, you’re expected to be outside enjoying the weather and being around people—but not in winter! In fact, it’s considered idyllic to enjoy the view from your window while you’re warm, cozy, and alone indoors. Especially if you pick an already secluded destination like a cabin or Airbnb, you’ll have all the space you could want

3. You Can Leave the Weather Behind

Alternatively, winter vacations offer you the perfect chance to leave the cold behind and enjoy some sunshine on your terms. Because so many people can’t travel during the winter, you’ll often have popular warm-weather destinations almost to yourself!

So if you hate sharing the beach with everyone, consider booking a beach trip in the winter instead. You’ll be able to spread out and keep your distance from other tourists with ease.

View of a near-empty beach perfect for a winter vacation

Or, if you want to explore other cultures and enjoy their sunny days, November to February are the perfect months to head to places like Spain, the Caribbean, Peru, and New Zealand. While there will still be people, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to escape into nature and recharge.

4. Winter Vacations are Cheaper

Have you ever noticed that a lot of spring and summer vacation packages are priced for two? If you’re traveling solo, it’s not fair for you to pay extra for your peace and quiet. However, due to the lower travel demand, many places offer significantly reduced rates during the winter months.

This means you have more money to spend on yourself! So upgrade to that suite with the great view or soaker tub, rent out a whole house for yourself, or splurge on a dreamy destination that’s out of reach in the summertime.

Alternatively, you can just feel good about saving so much money on that cozy cabin you don’t plan on leaving for the entire trip. The choice is yours!

5. Many Winter Activities are Introvert-Friendly

While people crowd to the cities, trails, and beaches in the summertime, making it hard to get away, the typical cold-weather activities are much more suited to an introvert. For example, you can stay at a quiet mountain resort and enjoy the slopes with only a handful of other people. Or, you can visit a national park and hike some of the most beautiful trails without the seasonal crowds.

Conversely, as you relish in the warmth of your cozy stay, your vacation presents an excellent opportunity to do all your guilty-pleasure activities without guilt. Rather than brave the weather, cuddle up with a good book, treat yourself to a spa day, sip hot cocoa, binge your favorite movies, etc., without the looming deadline of work the next day.

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